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Chateaux, museums, Romanesque art, sites and monuments

Chateaux, museums, Romanesque art, sites and monuments

- the nearest are: the « Château de Val », a magnificent chateau, situated right by the Bort les Orgues dam.
- the Château d’Auzers, still inhabited by the Baron d’Auzers
- and many others, following the map of the « Route des Châteaux » Lire la suite

there is something for everyone.
- the Musée des Insectes (Insect Museum) that children love because of all the colours.
- the Musée de la Tannerie (Tanning Museum) at Bort les Orgues: you will find out everything about leather and how it is worked; something that is part of the economic activity of Bort les Orgues.
- the “Espace Avèze”: the place where the Auvergne drink Avèze is made.
- “La Toinette et Julien”: a “scénomusée” (themed museum) where you can discover how our great-grandparents lived in the mountains, on the Massif du Sancy.
- And many others – Musée de la Foudre (Lightning Museum), Musée Pompidou (President Georges Pompidou Museum), etc.

Churches and Romanesque art:
- Several circuits provide the opportunity to go from village to village, church to church, exploring Romanesque art in the Artense region.

The Bort les Orgues dam: an unmissable place to see. Visits are free.

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